US Air Force 2050 looks at Precision urban fighting with lasers and microwaves

US Air Force Chief of Staff David Goldfein has added urban warfare to his list of top focus areas.

* The US Air Force may not be well equipped to handle precise urban warfare.
* 80 percent of humanity will live in cities by 2050. And megacities, those with more than 10 million people. will grow from a dozen to 50.
* Achieve military objectives while limiting casualties and city damage
* combat lasers and anti-electronics microwaves are potentially useful

Large drones like the MQ-9 have been doing a good job with close air support in an urban area.

However, the US army and US marines have also been developing drones for close air support and have tried to convert retired A-10 and F-16 into unmanned drones.

The MQ1 ad MQ9 drones helped liberate Manbij from ISIS.

Future combat would look somewhat like the Terminator future except with more hunter killer drones and fewer humanoid robots. However, in theory the drones and lasers will be to reduce collateral damage.