Will the new iPhones make Augmented Reality mainstream ?

Apple is supporting the popularization of Augmented Reality with developers’ apps enabled by the ARKit tool, the new operating system, the hardware with the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, and iPhone X and Apple’s massive user base.

The new phones and that software to support them were designed as a platform for augmented reality (AR) and therefore reflect a far bigger vision than the usual annual iPhone update.

In 2016, Pokemon Go had a relatively crude Augmented Reality but it captured 20 million users in the US within days of its launch, provided some indication of the appetite among consumers for the technology, which enables the overlay of virtual images and sounds on the real world location of the user.

Estimates of the potential revenue AR could generate over the next decade push close to $US200 billion, with GE’s Jeff Immelt estimating that it could be worth $US50bn a year to industrial companies alone through improved productivity. The potential of AR for the health and education systems could be at least as significant.