50 cal, 20mm and 30 mm guns getting improved sensors and targeting for anti-drone defense

The US Army is speeding deployment of counter-drone weapons to counter a massive uptick in enemy small-drone attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan.

New electronic warfare weapons, next-generation sensors and interceptors and cutting edge improved targeting technology for the .50-Cal machine gun to better enable it to target enemy drones with more precision and effectiveness.

Orbital ATK is developing a range of new advanced medium-calibre ammunition variants drawing upon EXACTO-like technology for use with its 30/40 mm calibre MK44 XM813 and 30 mm calibre lightweight XM914 Bushmaster Chain Guns.

C-RAM uses sensors, radar and fire-control technology alongside a vehicle or ground-mounted 20mm Phalanx Close-in-Weapons-System able to fire 4,500 rounds per minute. The idea is to blanket an area with large numbers of small projectiles to intercept and destroy incoming artillery, rocket or mortar fire. As an area weapon, the Phalanx then fires thousands of projectiles in rapid succession to knock the threat out of the sky.

C-RAM was first developed and deployed to defend Navy ships at sea. C-RAM has been operational on the ground since 2005.

Some youtube videos show the power of 50 cal, 20mm and 30mm guns