55 to 75 inch TVs and 4K projection TVs

Price ranges for different TV sizes are as follows

55 inch $400-1000
65 inch about $1780 but range from $1200 to $3000
75 inch about $3150 but range from $2500 to 5000
80-100 inch about $8000 to $20,000

4K TVs are common in the $1000 range.

Various 8K TVs are being introduced but tend to be in the $50,000 – 100,000 price range and beyond.

There are 4K projection systems at $2000 which can project great images for 100-200 inch viewing

there is a high end sony 4K projection system in the $10,000 range which is at the top of most projection TV ranking reviews.

Larger screens and higher resolutions (8K, 11K and beyond) are coming over the next few years.