Better 24 by 7 all conditions vision for self driving cars

Startup AdaSky is creating a far infrared thermal camera called Viper for self driving cars. Viper is a breakthrough, complete-sensing solution to enable 24/7 driving, combining a far infrared thermal camera with advanced machine vision algorithms that lets autonomous vehicles see and understand the road in any lighting or weather condition.

AdaSky’s advanced thermal sensing solution allows the vehicle to sense and analyze its surroundings by passively collecting FIR signals through detection of thermal energy radiated from objects and their body heat. AdaSky’s image processing and computer vision algorithms process the signals collected by the camera to provide accurate object detection and scene analysis, giving the vehicle a new layer of information.

It spots differences in the heat emitted by object. Warm-blooded humans and animals are clearly seen. Road surfaces stand out from trees and vegetation. Oncoming headlights, direct sunlight, and abrupt lighting changes do not wash out the entire scene.