Bitcoin went over $6000 during the day and a market valuation of $100 billion

Bitcoin set a new intraday high price record of $6,064, according to CoinDesk’s Bitcoin Price Index (BPI). The previous all-time high set on October 13, when the price rose to $5,856.10.

3 thoughts on “Bitcoin went over $6000 during the day and a market valuation of $100 billion”

  1. If you see BT as a commodity and are an existing investor sure this is a good thing, but as a currency isn’t this equivilent to rapid deflation? Wonder how you would price goods using BT? Or do you just price it using real currency and only use BT for transaction, and if you do isn’t that just money laundering?

    • You price something in BTC as you see fit. Either someone will purchase that something for that amount of BTC, or not. It’s a regular market mechanism. Nothing to do with laundering.

    • If something is priced in British Pounds and I pay using $US that isn’t money laundering unless I am doing it to obscure where I got the money from.
      And you really wouldn’t want to do that with a payment system that keeps a permanent record of all transactions.

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