Boeing gave the US the B52 and 747, the Spacex BFR will be bigger than either

Boeing gave the US military long range conventional bombing superiority for decades with the B52 and commercial aviation dominance with the 747.

The fully reusable Spacex BFR will have more military and commercial impact than the B52 and the 747 combined.

Every flight of a Spacex BFR could add 150 tons of hypersonic ammunition to a deployed Rods from God space system.

The USA could have a fleet of over 200 Spacex BFR by 2025.

The US has recently talked about creating a sixth branch of the military, a Space Corp.

A fleet of 200 Spacex BFR and orbital space station would be a transformative non-nuclear force.

Instead of spending at least $50 billion on a long range bomber program and tens of billions on hypersonic missiles,the US could buy a few dozen Spacex BFR and with hundreds to thousands of launches per year place 100,000 tons of non-nuclear hypersonic weapons able to target any location on Earth with far more secure and defendable platforms. This is simple and straight forward gravity assisted technology once there is sufficient launch capability. Similarly economic and commercial transformation is possible through colonization and industrialization of space. A multi-trillion economy could rapidly be developed with asteroid mining and space construction. A true space power with 100,000 to 1 million people working and building in space would have many gigawatts of power and massive factories. This would kick the US and World economy into another gear. The US could have 5-10% GDP growth rates in the 2030s for the rest of the century. Nextbigfuture will discuss economic transformation in later articles.