Delorean Flying Cars by 2022

Flying cars using the Delorean name are in development. They have built two operational scale models. DeLorean expects a full prototype will be ready for a test flight by the end of 2018.

While there are other contenders attempting to take to the skies, DeLorean says his aircraft stands apart because of its increased range. While the other hopefuls top out at 50 miles per charge, the DR-7 VTOL will fly for 120 miles or more. DeLorean says he didn’t design the aircraft to look pretty, but to have the lowest drag coefficient possible in order to optimize range. The hope is to keep the price under $300,000 and put the flying DeLorean on the market within five years.

the Delorean Aerospace website is here.

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  1. I don’t trust most people to drive a regular car, so I would really be against the masses having flying vehicles that they themselves control. It would have to be ONLY autopilot which is many years away before that would be acceptable; or it should require a pilot’s license, which really limits potential market.

  2. Yea its fast allright. “The aircraft is 20 ft (6.1 m) in length and wingspan. Folded width is 7.5 ft (2.3 m). Based on power studies and simulator data, DeLorean expects a top speed of about 240 mph (210 kt or 385 km/h), but with a variable pitch option bringing that to 300 mph (260 kt or 480 km/h) or more. Efficient cruise would be in the 150 mph (130 kt or 240 km/h) range.”

    • I haven’t seen any pictures of it folded. If it has 4 wheels, it will be considered a car (as opposed to a motorcycle for 3 wheels or less), and then will need to meet all kinds of safety standards (air bags, crumple zone, etc.). To make a car street legal is a very expensive process, and has kept many new manufacturers out of the market. Tesla is the only startup in the last few decades to sell production vehicles.

  3. This may be a stretch but I think military could use this. Electric powered means very low acoustic and heat signature, surely it will be able to fly very low and faster than a chopper and if you cover it with radio wave absorbing coat I would be hard pressed to find a stealthier platform to get special ops in and out.

    • Only problem is the payload. The military would want something that can transport troops or meaningful amounts of equipment.

  4. Damn, that’s the sexiest flying can prototype I’ve ever seen! To pricey for me though…maybe I can afford a used and abused rusty one, in a couple decades. FINGERS CROSSED!

  5. I would like to know what a small turbine engine to supply the electric power with fuel sacks would rate if used to replace the batteries.

  6. On second thought, the fans look like they could have two impellers in each duct, meaning that if you lose one you’ll only lose 50% of total lift (after shutting down one impeller on the opposite side in order to balance the lift).

    If so you might be able to make an emergency landing with acceptable G-forces to the occupants.

  7. I agree with Igor that only two fans makes it vulnerable to catastrophic accidents if just one fails. I guess you can add a parachute, but that doesn’t work very well at low altitudes.

    The front fan looks like it obscures the vision of the pilot. Though this might not matter if it’s autonomous. Or maybe you can see through the fan.

    Fixed-wing config like this is much better than vertical axis rotors/props, and the tandem wing layout probably reduces the width needed for landing, storage and parking.

  8. It’s got to be electric given that they compare its range to electric flying cars. I think this one will be fast as well.

    • From their website: “Pairing a zero-emission modern electric power system” and “the DR-7 maximizes range under fully electric power”

  9. Great looking shape, does look very aerodynamic and efficient but having only two props it will be less safe than than others. Still safer than a regular plane if it is electric.

  10. Right… just what the world needs… another prototype for a flying car. It’s kind of amusing that it’s got the DeLorean name but that’s all which is special about it.

      • But can you truly afford it a $300,000??? There have been a bunch of these announcements but I’ve yet to see one that actually built and sold. Maybe it’s because for the money you can buy decent used private plane for under $20,000 and a new Cessna Skycatcher for $149,000. Note, private planes are both faster and have a longer range than the Delorean.

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