High Income Country Population

The total current population of high income countries (per World Bank definition) is 1.22 billion. A high-income economy is defined by the World Bank as a country with a gross national income per capita US$12,236 or more in 2016, calculated using the Atlas method.

The upper middle income countries that are growing and close to advancing to high income are

Turkey     80 million population
Malaysia   31 million population
China      1.38 billion population

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    • You’ve got a pretty similar case with Haiti ($719/capita) bordering the Dominican Republic ($7 543/capita)

      Of course Haiti isn’t threatening to nuke its neighbours. Yet.

  1. Wow! On the doing-OK list (because lets be real: $12,000 a year, the baseline for the doing-OK list, ain’t much income realistically.) The doing OK list has Chilé, Argentina, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and other dot-Arab micronations, some of the Carib archipelago, All of Old Europe, Russ, Japan, S. Korea and Taiwan, NZ and Oz.

    I guess that works.

    But the Wow was for Ukraine. Dear ol’ Ukraine – a really large country, rich and fertile agriculturally. Jeez it didn’t do well under the Soviets, did it? They’re in that you’ve-got-to-be-kidding $1000 to $4000 band. No wonder just about every giant Soviet era housing project has potatoes growing in all the surrounding fallow fields, byways and sand lots. And Haiti. Shining like a red stop light.

    I wasn’t aware that Bolivia was any poorer than its neighbors, especially Paraguay. They’re probably both “on the edge” of their coloration. Then there’s AFRICA. Man, oh man. A sea of orange patched with tan, robed in red. Africa is … Africa.

    Yet, I’ve met many people homed once in the Great Dark Continent (how politically uncorrect(sic) is that!) Seriously… the great majority seem to recall with objective clarity joy-and-happiness at their meagre but relatively free childhood(s). Wealth ≠ Happiness. Impecuniousness ≠ Strife;

    Just saying.

    • “a really large country, rich and fertile agriculturally”
      Yeah,you can’t get rich on agriculture.Under Soviet Union,Ukrainian SSR was industrial powerhouse.
      With dissolution,it ceased to be one.

      • Under Soviet Union,Ukrainian SSR was industrial powerhouse.
        With dissolution,it ceased to be one.

        Ukraine was never an industrial powerhouse anymore than the entire Soviet Union was. This is because it was a command economy that didn’t operate under actual demand reality. Hence why it ceased to be an industrial powerhouse as soon as the command economy was abolished.

        • “What Happened To All Those New Russian Tanks Phaeton?”
          What tanks?
          “This is because it was a command economy that didn’t operate under actual demand reality”
          Actually,the entirety of Ukraine was built from the ground up as a mining-refining-production complex on a grand scale.
          And under USSR,demand was there.After dissolution…not so much.

    • GDP per capita estimates for Venezuela are 12k-13k meanwhile China is 8k for 2016

      Yet one country has nonstop blackouts, rioting, no running water, holes in all the roads, no high speed rail, people starving and eating garbage


      the other country has the worlds 2 fastest supercomputers, and the average person owns 2 houses multiple desktop computers, smartphones and laptops

      If anything this is nothing more than further evidence that GDP is bullshit and is not income

      • the average person owns 2 houses

        Pisa is sure on a China fluffing roll today.

        Hey Pisa! You forgot to mention how all the rails for the high speed trains in China are plated in gold, too!

        • Not fluffing, these are actual facts

          70% of Chinese millennials have at least 1 house

          The average age of China is 35

          The cutoff for being a millennial is age 34

          If you actually visited China and spoke to the people, most people own their own homes and have summer homes. Their summer homes are also fully furnished with beds, televisions, air conditioning etc…

          In the US if you tell people you have a summer home most people would think that you are rich, but you won’t impress anybody in China.


          70% of China’s millennials are homeowners

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