Japan v China in key future related industries

Japan’s economy basically stalled out in 1991. They have recovered some but have tended to stay in the zero to two percent GDP range. The Japanese economy stalled at the per capita income of the UK.

Japan’s companies had become export giants and were leaders in product innovation examplified by the Sony Walkman and Toyota and Honda cars.

China is still four times below UK per capita income. China is a strong player in global internet and smartphone companies.

China has 5 internet companies in the world top 28 while Japan only has one.

China has three top five smartphone companies.

In Q1 2017, IDC reported that Samsung (South Korea) was first placed, with 80 million units, followed by Apple (USA) with 50.8 million, Huawei (china) with 34.6 million, Oppo (china) with 25.5 million and Vivo (china) with 22.7 million.