Maryland Governor announces support for Boring Company and Hyperloop from Baltimore to DC

In July, 2017 Elon Musk said he was verbally approved to build a New York to DC Hyperloop.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has tweeted and stated his support for the Boring Company and the Hyperloop from Baltimore to DC.

If Elon Musk’s Boring company makes a New York City to Washington DC hyperloop tunnel, then it would be 226 miles long. This would be nearly three times longer than the current longest tunnel.

Elon Musk tweeted out that he has been given verbal approval by someone in the US government to build a New York to DC hyperloop tunnel.

Here is the wikipedia list of longest tunnels.

The Gotthard Base Tunnel (GBT) is a railway tunnel in the heart of the Swiss Alps expected to open in 2016. With a route length of 57 km (35.4 mi) and the tunnel system totals 151.84 km (94.3 mi) of tunnels, shafts and passages. It is the world’s longest rail tunnel, surpassing the Seikan Tunnel in Japan.

In July, 2017, Elon Musk had received verbal government approval for The Boring Company to build an underground NY-Phil-Balt-DC Hyperloop. NY-DC in 29 mins.

This would be 29 minutes from New York city center to Washington DC city center. Boring Comapny would put up to a dozen or more entry/exit elevators in each city.

Elon Musk says traffic jams will be eliminated with multi-level tunnel networks for cars and for Hyperloops.

A snail can currently travel 14 times faster than a tunnel boring machine and a preliminary goal will be for the Boring Company tunneling machine to catch up to the snail.