Neuromation will incentive resources for machine learning using blockchain proof of work

Neuromation is creating a distributed platform to service all aspects of future synthetic data ecosystem. The platform will allow users to create dataset generators, generate massive datasets, train deep learning models. Users will also be able to trade datasets and models in the platform marketplace.

They plan to take advantage of the latest trends in blockchain cryptocurrency. All transactions in the Neuromation will be done using their Ethereum extended ECR-20 compliant token. They will engage crypto-currency miners in computationally intensive tasks of data generation and model training. They will be mining our Tokens by performing these tasks instead of mining cryptocurrency.

The enormous computing capacity that will become available on the platform will be game-changing for wide AI adoption by the Enterprise.

Neuromation sells synthetic datasets for AI training. They create a sandbox environment that will generate virtually unlimited set of well-labeled examples for you.

They charge per image / data point.

Neuromation will announce the pre-sale of its own token on October, 15th.