Tesla will have a few hundred all electric service vans

Tesla has all electric service Van based on the Model S and Model X vehicles and technology.

In California, Tesla operates about 100 trucks and they are apparently aiming to have hundreds of service vans. Last quarter, Tesla announced plans to triple service capacity with 1,400 new techs, 350 new service vans, and in-car scheduling.

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  1. KUDOZ, “Can you help my understand how Russia benefits from this very weird and selective campaign of mine?
    I’m just trying to understand my employers you know. lol”
    Very easy to explain. Musk and his companies are number one threat to Russia now so you trolls to are told to undermine him first and foremost. Other companies in the same field like Bezos B.O are OK to compliment because there is much less immediate threat. It is just a tactic. No reason to critisize something that already happened like F9 reusable launches that would be dumb. Also, none of you have spoken positively about electric cars or renewable energy on your own, only as a way not to be too obvious.. Do you think it escaped me that there are actually more paid troll posters here than not? Many layers to this Russian troll cake. LOL.

    • Very interesting Igor. You’ve oppened my eyes. Everything make sense now. To most people it would not make any sense to attack a company that has only .1% market share (and is not even the biggest EV manufacturer) because they’re not a threat. But I guess you, genius as you are, can see past this great tactic by the russians of not wanting to be too obvious.

      Now any advice on what should I do about the chem trails and the lizard people running the world? I’m sure that as the leader of the local tinfoil hat group, there’s a lot of wisdom in you.

  2. “At $350, I think it’s time for you to get out.”
    Tesla is just at the start of a long journey.
    “Just click reply instead.”
    For some reason there is no reply option with this new comment system when I use my comp. only when I use tablet. So sometimes I have to put my comment on top.

    • “Tesla is just at the start of the long journey”

      Don’t know Igor. Looking at their financials, makes me wonder if bankruptsy is 3 or 9 months away. Have you ever bothered to look at their financial numbers by the way?
      Or do you just have a system in place that automatically buys a share everytime Elon tweets?

  3. This means that a lot of the wall street firms you are talking about think Tesla is massively overvalued. I tend to agree with them.”
    TESLA shorters lost their pants and if you put your money where your mouth is you would have lost too. Meanwhile I am long on tesla and up 300%

    • Why do you want so much for your comment to be on top of the page?!
      You do this often. Just click reply instead. Or is it because all cult members, starting from the leader, crave attention? hahaha

  4. TESLA will thrive in the world’s largest auto market, according to one Wall Street firm.

    Piper Jaffray reiterated its overweight rating on Tesla shares, saying the company’s electric car quality is far ahead of its peers in China.

    “After meeting with an electric vehicle (EV) trade group this week in Beijing, we still think Tesla has little to fear from Chinese brands, at least based on the current competitive landscape,” analyst Alexander Potter wrote in a note to clients Tuesday. “Branding and performance are just as important, and in this regard, we think nobody (least of all Chinese OEMs) can compete with TSLA.”

    • Wall street doesn’t have just one firm Igor. There’s many. Here’s something interesting you should know. Tesla is the most shorted company in the world (absolute $ value, not %). Bigger than Apple / Google or Amazon even though they have 10 times Tesla’s market cap. This means that a lot of the wall street firms you are talking about think Tesla is massively overvalued. I tend to agree with them.

      • Those who thought they were going to make money by shorting TESLA have lost hundreds of millions bucks over the last few years, I have a long position from 3 years ago and up 300%

        • Congratulations. But don’t forget that during bubbles the stock price keeps going up until it comes crashing down.
          At $350, I think it’s time for you to get out.

  5. What do you mean by “biggest”? Revenue? Net Income? I mean by market cap. Market cap is the best measure we have in a market economy to compare companies even though imperfect. Market cap often runs ahead of revenues for companies with great potential which obviously how investors see TESLA. Give it enough time and it well be one of the biggest by revenue as well but could take longer. Never bet against Musk.

    • Thanks for the “details” Igor.
      And yes, market cap is the best measurement, income doesn’t matter. Just look at Theranos or Pets.com (from the dot com bubble). hahaha

      “Never bet against Musk”
      Glad you didn’t forget to praise the spiritual leader. How does it work Igor? Does it have levels like Scientology? The more you love him, the higher you climb on the cult ladder?

      • I know you are not too familiar with how market economies and democracies work so I will explain. Existence of economic downturns and market bubbles doesn’t invalidate basic economic laws and ways of measuring companies. In Russian press your kind likes to make fun of such fundamental laws of economy as supply and demand also known as “invisible hand” and of cause to play down the market cap. Of course they would do that given the facts of life such as TESLA is more valuable than GazProm and Appe is worth more than the entire Russian stock market. Keep talking about Musk “cult” and Musk “charlatan” and the only people talking to you will be other paid trolls which is almost the case now with a few notable exceptions.

        • Well Igor, Canada ranks higher than the US in the Democracy index so It’s likely I know more about democracy than you do.
          As for stock market, leave it because it’s not for you. It’s not a place for religious people, especially if your religion is a specific company. When you don’t understand concepts like P/E Ratio, ROI, PVM, FVM, etc. you focus on meaningless things like “vision”, “secret master plans”, “Tweets”, “powerpoint presentations”.

            • “Canada yes sure.”
              It’s building 37 in the FSB complex in Moscow that we call Canada. hahaha

              You cult members are beyond sad. One question for you to wonder about:

              How come all my comments are about:
              – Musk being a charlatan.
              – Tesla being over valued.
              – The Musk cult.
              – BFR point to point travel not making sense.
              – Musk’s product delays.

              but I’ve posted no comment against:
              – EVs in general. I happen to think, they are the future.
              – Falcon 9 and the landings. I think it was a great achievement.
              – BFR. I think it’s a move in the right direction to focus only on one system.

              Can you help my understand how Russia benefits from this very weird and selective campaign of mine?
              I’m just trying to understand my employers you know. lol

  6. Indian Air Force wants out of fighter program with Russia,
    NEW DELHI – The ambitious $10 billion Indo-Russian program for joint development and production of fifth generation fighter aircraft, or FGFA, faces a new serious hurdle, as the Indian Air Force demands a discontinuation of the project. Defense news.

  7. In 10 years TESLA will likely be one of the 10 biggest companies in the world and bigger than every other car company by market cap.

    • Or a bad memory for thousands…. To be honest I suspect one of the Chinese automakers will actually end up in the number one position just because of geography.

    • Igor, can you be more specific?
      What do you mean by “biggest”? Revenue? Net Income?
      And can you say how they’ll get there?
      (don’t forget tesla is in a very capital intensive industry)

      As for Market cap, they certainly could become the “biggest” but there were a lot of “big” companies during the dot com bubble. Where are they now? Stock price is based on market sentiment and popularity. It can go up just as quickly as it can fall down.

  8. Can also see these vans for Tesla Energy, installing powerwalls and solar. Tesla is going to be a big company in 10 years.

    • Probably. But considering sales for those two products are tiny (compared to cars) they’re not relevant to the equation.

      As for Tesla being a ‘big company in 10 years, unlikely. Although it depends on what you mean by ‘big company’. They’ll probably sell around 500k cars per year by then, and that’s huge, but not that big by industry standarts.

  9. That Reddit link says nothing about the van being electric. The van in the image looks like a regular MB Sprinter.

  10. I tell ya… this is a bit of a no-brainer. Don’t change a THING except as necessary. 90 kWh standard Model S battery. Model 3 drive-train. Extend it to fit the van. Cobble it together with pretty bailing wire and duct tape if need be. Drill big holes for their special charging connector(s). Replace the dashboard with yet-another cobbled together Model 3 dash, suitably stuffed to fit.

    Bada boom. Done.

    Probably could be done with 5 of their engineers funded to work exclusively on weekends for bonus pay for about 1 quarter. The good Tennessee ones, that know the value of duct tape and bailing wire. Hipsters with bûllsnot on their boots.

    Just saying.

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