US Navy Hypervelocity projectiles tests tripled range of 5 inch guns and with superaccuracy

Navy hypervelocity projectile tests from Navy ships will start soon. The Hyper Velocity Projectile (HVP) is a next-generation, common, low drag, guided projectile capable of executing multiple missions for a number of gun systems. TheUS Navy plans to issue a Broad Agency Announcement soliciting a mature design concept for 5-inch guided projectile to support a test demonstration in 2018. They HVP will more than triple the range of the common 5 inch guns and increase accuracy.

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  1. The Navy developed the same thing in the 70’s called the RAP shell , rocket assisted projectile but it did not have a guidance mechanism. These shells are very expensive at $40k a piece if they got the price down from the development prototype cost of $250K a piece

    • Not sure how a high speed discarding sabot sub-calibre, guided round is the “same thing” as a rocket assisted, full calibre, unguided round.

      They both have longer range than the standard round, but that’s about it.

    • “Related FAKE news of note”
      Here.Fixed it for you.
      Original source from which defensenews pulled that BS is some unnamed blogger.
      Reliability of said info is about the same as Ukrainian claims about Russia using tactical nuclear weapons against it.

  2. The Vulcano rounds for 127mm guns is very similar. A sub-calibre sabot round with extended range of up to 100km; but available in +both+ unguided and unguided variants.

    The Vulcano +quadruples+ range over a Mark 45; though that is when paired with a modernized 127/64.

  3. “Payload:15lbs”
    Nuff said.And that junk requires a guidance system,to boot!How a million dollars per minute of firing sound?
    And no,total payload is still less than Tomahawk.

  4. I wish my father could see this article. He was a gunners mate on a five inch gun, on the destroyer Bancroft in WWII. The 5 inch gun didn’t change much (other than fire control), from those old guns. The truth is the most important weapons on those old ships were the antiaircraft guns and the radars. My dads 5 inch guns were basically used to get in close to islands and provide fire support for island landings. Stuff that the cruisers and battle ships could not do or would not waist a shell on.

        • USA slowly,but surely retrofits Burke-class.Removing Phalanx and installing SeaRAM instead.
          It’s a reasonable decision.Phalanx is useless.
          Phalanx-type isn’t,but you need to go WAY higher caliber.And fire rate.

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