China is two Europes and richest provinces catching up to middle income Europe

China (1.4 billion) has nearly twice the population of Europe (742 million). The populations of China’s 33 provinces is comparable but larger than the 44 countries of Europe.

China will have an overall per capita GDP at the end of 2017 of about $9000 compared to $24000 per capita GDP in Europe. Europe has slow GDP growth of 1-2% per year. China should be at $12500 exchange rate GDP per capita in 2021. This will be about half the GDP per capita level of Europe.

On a per capita PPP GDP level, Europe is at $32000 now while China is at $17000.

China has a narrow range of GDP per person than Europe. The richest European country, Luxembourg is over 50 times richer than the poorest, Moldava on a per person basis. China richest province is about 5-6 times richer than its poorest.

China’s poorest province Gansu is richer than Armenia, Ukraine and Moldova.

Cyprus and Slovenia are at about the European average for per capita GDP. They are both slightly richer than Portugal.

2016 statistics

Beijing, Shanghai And Tainjin are at or slightly above the Cyprus level based upon PPP per capita GDP in 2017. Combined they have a population of 60 million.

Jiangsu with about the population of Germany at 80 million will be above the Portugal level of PPP per person.

Beijing, Shanghai And Tainjin should pass Portugal on exchange rate basis per capita GDP in 2018.

By 2024, the top 7 or 8 provinces with over 300 million should be pass the Portugal level of exchange rate basis GDP per capita.

By 2027, the ten richest provinces in China with about 400 million people will be at about the middle income level of Europe Portugal to Italy level. The richest cities in China will be like France in per capita income.

China has 33 provincial level regions with almost half with populations higher than Poland. Poland is the 8th most populace European country with 38 million. The 9th most populace European country is Romania with 19.7 million. Only 5 of China’s provinces have populations lower than Romania.


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