China sold 66,000 electric cars in October over quadruple the US level

China had 66,000 electric cars sold in October, 2017.

Globally 123,000 plug in electric cars were sold in September, 2017. October global sales are not yet tabulated.

It seems likely that China has over half of the global electric car sales. The top model in China was the BAIC EC-Series. 11,315 EC-Series registered in October.

The little EV is a success with a trendy design, improved specs (now with 200 km of range), and competitive pricing (~$22,000).

China’s electric vehicle sales have now passed 2% of all car sales. The US electric cars are at 1% of overall car sales.

China electric car company BYD plans to increase sales by 10X by 2025 through expansion and diversification

BYD chairman Wang Chuanfu has drawn up an ambitious plan for the Chinese electric carmaker, envisioning the creation of a new-energy corporate giant with sales of a trillion yuan (US$151 billion) by 2025, nearly 10 times its revenue last year.

BYD will conduct a drastic restructuring to form a new industry chain, a move designed to chase rapid growth in the coming eight years.

BYD’s different divisions including passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle, battery and electronics will be developed into various “clusters of businesses,” he added. “In 2025, our aim is to achieve sales of 1 trillion yuan.”

China could require all cars to be completely electrified by 2030.

Xu Heyi, chairman of carmaker BAIC Group, forecast that electric-vehicle production in China could reach a million units next year.