Disney may buy largest parts of Fox- bottom line Xmen and Fantastic Four could go to the MCU

Shares of 21st Century Fox (FOX) jumped 10% after two news outlets reported Fox has been in talks to sell a sizable part of the company to Walt Disney. Disney (DIS) shares rose 2% on the reports.

According to the reports, Fox would give up its movie studio, 20th Century Fox, and TV production assets including the National Geographic and FX cable channels. It would not sell its news or sports properties, including Fox News and Fox Business Network, to Disney, nor would it give up its local broadcast affiliates.

This means Fantastic Four and the Xmen would go to the Marvel Cinematic Movie and TV Universe.

Fear of Netflix and Amazon could be the big motivator for Disney if it does move forward with a splashy acquisition like buying most of Fox’s assets.

Blah blah ..business… Simpsons TV, Family Guy, X-files for Disney streaming service.

Who cares.

Finally we could see the Fantastic Four handled properly in movies.
We could adaptations of the Hickmen run in movies.

We could see a proper Doctor Doom versus Iron Man.

Dr Doom teamup with Dr Strange.

Dr Doom versus Black Panther.

Fox has about a $50 billion valuation and Disney has about $150 billion. This deal would be about $40 billion.

Disney would get the material for another 30 years of solid movies which would be worth $2-5 billion per year.

3 thoughts on “Disney may buy largest parts of Fox- bottom line Xmen and Fantastic Four could go to the MCU”

  1. This movement makes sense, given the continued public acceptance and the push towards multi-part franchises and extended universes around some few well known ones (Marvel, DC comics and Star Wars being prime examples).

    It seems we haven’t had enough of it, and I think this is because escapism, convoluted stories, excitement and eye-candy saturation is the kind of experience most people are looking for in the movies.

    Also TV is moving towards being a strong contender with cinema, with the many bingeable series full of special effects that would have been blockbuster movie-worthy not long ago.

    Movies simply have to deliver more of the crowd-pleasing correlated stories with lots of drama and visual effects to keep the public’s attention.

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