Extending Healthy Human Lifespan is Near

In 2014, Life Extension Advocacy Foundation was established to promote increased healthy human lifespan through fiscally sponsoring longevity research projects and raising awareness regarding the societal benefits of life extension.

In 2015 they launched Lifespan.io, the first nonprofit crowdfunding platform focused on the biomedical research of aging.

Here is a video based on Lifespan.io biomedical research listing near term life extension technology.

1. Senescent cells

There are injections given to mice which eliminate 80% of senescent cells. Senescent cells are old zombie cells that do not fully die but clog up the works for healthy cells. Eliminating most of the senescent cells help revitalize mice and extends their lives.

Some analysis of the senescent cell work suggests it will increase overall lifespan but may not do much for maximum lifespan. Calorie restriction has extended maximum lifespan.

2. NAD+

Having more NAD+ helps regulate metabolism. When you are 50 you have half the NAD+ as when you were 20. There are flexible molecules that can get through cell membranes and become NAD+ inside cells.

3. Stem Cells

Injecting stem cells into the hypothalmus in the brain rejuvenated mice. Stem cells become fresh young cells of all different types. Fresh brain cells produce microRNA that also rejuvenated existing brain cells. On average a rejuvenated hypothalmus increased lifespan by 10% in mice.

6 thoughts on “Extending Healthy Human Lifespan is Near”

  1. Thanks for the mention Brian and team.

    Aubrey de Grey has said often that removing one of the seven classes of damage that underlie aging probably won’t lead to more than a year or two of increased lifespan, as the six other classes of damage will still go on to cause pathology that kills you right on schedule. It will probably take interventions in all seven classes to move the needle. However these interventions don’t need to be perfect right out of the gate.

    If anyone wants to help speed things along they can always set up a regular monthly donation of $5 or $10 to the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation. When the next donation target of $5,000 per month is reached LEAF will be able to collaborate and pay Youtube and other creators to make this type of promotional content more regularly… pulling in more money for research:



    “Changing the world always starts with the zealots, but the whole point of the subsequent bootstrapping process is to transition to money rather than zealotry as a power source just about as rapidly as possible. The future is defined by the few visionaries who care greatly enough to set aside their lives to work upon it, but it is enacted by the vastly greater number of people who take a paycheck and go home at the end of the work day.”

  2. The question is can you combine CR with senolytics? Will it give synergistic benefits or actually be harmful ?
    Also what does mean “well cared for mice” ? Do they have medicare and social security ?

      • It should have a wellness program and couple counseling too.

        On the other hand, for the low-income population it appears that being jail/prison actually increases the lifespan. Greatly reduced access to alcohol, drugs and junk food coupled with some mandatory physical activity and , paradoxically, less stress, since the future can only get better 🙂

    • Ditto. Senescence treatments are no longer crazy talk, but a strong conservatism and acceptance of old age and death prevails, even among those researching those treatments.

      And what you believe is possible or natural would definitely impact what you accept yourself to think, research and do.

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