Google’s Eric Schmidt says US could lose lead in AI and Basic Science Research to China

Artificial intelligence is the new frontier, and the Defense Department must invest in this breakthrough or be in danger of not being competitive in the future, said Eric Schmidt, the chairman of the Defense Innovation Board, during a discussion at the Center for a New American Security today.

Schmidt spoke about the Chinese AI program. Their AI strategy calls for the nation to have caught up with the U.S. by 2020 and to be better than the U.S. by 2025, and “by 2030 they will dominate the industry,” he said. “The government said that. Weren’t we the ones who invented this stuff? Weren’t we the ones who were going to exploit all this technology for the betterment of American exceptionalism?”

America must invest in research, Schmidt said. “America is the country that leads in these areas, there is every reason to believe that we can continue with this leadership.”

Schmidt says the US military must catch up in Artificial Intelligence.

He used vision as an example, saying that computers already can watch monotonous things for a long time and then notify a human if something out of the ordinary happens. Tests show, he said, that humans doing the same thing make errors a third of the time. Letting computers do this “seems like the simplest possible thing,” Schmidt said. “And yet, we have this whole tradition of the military standing watch … as if that is a good use of human being.”

AI will not be like humans; it will be different, he said. “The best uses of AI will be in the AI-human collaboration of one type or another,” Schmidt said.

Faster Solutions

He gave a synopsis for the AI problem for the military: “The military is very large and cumbersome. The military as a general rule doesn’t build things, it uses contractors.”

Contractors build what they are asked to build, and the military has not asked for AI systems, he said. “It takes five to 10 to 30 years to go from a spec to the delivery,” Schmidt said. “The core problem is how do you get the leaders, who passionately want to get this stuff done, to deliver these solutions quickly?”

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  2. Eric Schmidt is fear mongering, “only the white can invent and only the White can succeed” is a promise the god gave its chosen one, like stealing lands from the natives as terra nullius is a gift to the god chosen one, how can the American lose their god given privilege, it is ridiculous and out of the question.

    • Give that Brian is from Taiwan and is a fully paid up member of the Falun Gong cult what do you expect from him? This entire site is a suck ass exercise in US militarism and anti human propaganda.

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  3. The culture that built Silicon Valley has been destroyed by novel heterogeneity arising from what is known as “horizontal transmission” in evolutionary medicine. Jews actually understand this dynamic quite well as they embody and promote it — and have therefore made a strategic decision to abandon the West in favor of China and India:

    “The fear expressed that “a real decline of the West, particularly the United States, would have dramatic consequences for the Jewish people,” also led to controversy. Brandeis University president Jehuda Reinharz agreed that this type of decline can be expected “in the coming two decades” – but Stuart Eisenstadt was less emphatic about it. He believes the United States will remain the leading power. In all events, it was agreed the Jews “should strengthen cultural links with non-Western civilizations, particularly China and also India,” powers that are on the ascent. This is not a question of preference or closeness; it is a question of survival, of readiness for the future. How should this be done? That will have to be the topic of discussion in the next gatherings already being planned. ”

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  4. Weren’t we the ones who invented this stuff?

    Nope. So far it remains uninvented. The foundations were pioneered by many people not exclusively muricans.

    Weren’t we the ones who were going to exploit all this technology for the betterment of American exceptionalism?”

    Murica is only exceptional in decadence, for that there doesn’t need to be scientific developments. It’s getting more exceptional on it’s own.

  5. Why is a Liberal Capitalist like Schmidt worried about being left behind by a bunch of old world commies. We all know government funded research programs are a waste of time. I read this sites article denouncing ITER just last week. What’s going on?

    Looking at you Warren.

  6. we arent losing anything to China. an entire economy and culture that just copies everything the west does. give me a break!

      • China knows how to do both – innovate and copy – whatever’s most expedient. They don’t really care to distinguish what came from themselves vs what they got from elsewhere, as the outside world is often out of sight and out of mind for them.
        The concept of Sun Wukong was of course copied from India, where he is known as Hanuman.

        • sanman, Indian can out do everybody by digging up some debris to prove any invention or innovation around the world is copy of Indian, like “zero.”

    • Derek, did you not get the memo?

      According to the Japan Science and Technology Agency, China now ranks as the most influential country in four of eight core scientific fields, tying with the U.S. The agency took the top 10% of the most referenced studies in each field, and determined the number of authors who were affiliated with the U.S., the U.K., Germany, France, China or Japan. China ranked first in computer science, mathematics, materials science and engineering. The U.S., on the other hand, led the way in physics, environmental and earth sciences, basic life science and clinical medicine. China is also rapidly catching up in physics, where the U.S. has long dominated. It is spending more than $6 billion to build the world’s largest particle accelerator, which could put it at the forefront of particle physics.

      China leads in all fields of civil engineering, Manufacturing, Supercomputing, Speech Recognition, Graphenics, Thorium power, Pebble Bed Reactors, Genomics, Thermal Power generation, Quantum Communication Networks, ASW Missiles, In-orbit Satellite Refueling, Passive Array Radar, Metamaterials, Hyperspectral Imaging, Nanotechnology, UHV Electricity transmission, Electric Vehicles, High Speed Rail, Sustainable Energy, Radiotelescopy, All fields of Sustainable Energy Research and Manufacturing, Hypersonic Space Weapons, Satellite Quantum Communications and quantum secure direct communication

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