Hacking attacks on businesses and civilians worldwide from leaked NSA hacking tools

Current and former NSA (National Security Agency) officials say the Shadow Brokers disclosures, which began in August 2016, have been catastrophic for the N.S.A., calling into question its ability to protect potent cyberweapons and its very value to national security.

The New York Times has the latest report on the Shadow Brokers leaks.

Fifteen months into a wide-ranging investigation by the agency’s counterintelligence arm, known as Q Group, and the F.B.I., officials still do not know whether the N.S.A. is the victim of a brilliantly executed hack, with Russia as the most likely perpetrator, an insider’s leak, or both. Three employees have been arrested since 2015 for taking classified files, but there is fear that one or more leakers may still be in place. And there is broad agreement that the damage from the Shadow Brokers already far exceeds the harm to American intelligence done by Edward J. Snowden, the former N.S.A. contractor who fled with four laptops of classified material in 2013.

* experienced specialists are leaving the NSA for better-paying jobs — including with firms defending computer networks from intrusions that use the N.S.A.’s leaked tools.

6 thoughts on “Hacking attacks on businesses and civilians worldwide from leaked NSA hacking tools”

  1. US citizens should not have to suffer at the hands of criminals like Ronnica Evans of Pittsburg, CA and Christopher Perry of Spring, TX , especially when you know where some of your hacking tools are, “in da hood!”

  2. Lying to Congress on national TV under oath. Snowden, with many more people arrested in the meantime pilfering data and one of them for almost a decade before getting busted. Having your hacking tools ripped off after making sure that the most used security systems had back doors to exploit. Would someone remind me of ANYTHING useful done by the NSA again?!? They seem to be either vestigial and incompetent or just incompetent, and I have yet to hear a single thing that have done to secure the country.

  3. Obviously the hackers are part of Muslim anti-US group, the Shadow brokers admit to it: “Fourth leak: …This posting explicitly stated that the post was partially in response to President Trump’s attack against a Syrian airfield…” The other US rival…these days…

  4. I think its kind of a joke that a Chinese source is trying to blame the Russians.

    Its obvious, the real rival to the United States these days is China, with all the motive to do things like that.
    I don’t even need to read a signal new article to know that. All you need to do is list everything the united States Prides itself on and then you will find an exact match with something China is doing.

    Also, we know about biological spying implants invented by China. Perfect for Chinese Spies to infiltrate places where Chinese people can’t go.

  5. I have been screaming to the top of my lungs to the FBI about my being hacked with NSA hacking tools and nothing has been done. I gave names and addresses and still nothing! These people bragged about hacking Equifax 2 weeks before the hack was publicized. Go to my Facebook page and read it.

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