How going Full Frankenstein can be made somewhat acceptable

The highly controversial effort to transplant human bodies is not a scam. There must be millions of dollars of funding for these effort which have been ongoing for at least 5 years.

Case why Sergio Canavero leader of the body transplant effort is a true believer and not a scammer

Multiple surgical teams that include neural surgeons and spinal surgeons have been performing test transplants on mice, dogs and monkeys and now a human cadaver.

The surgeries can take about 18 hours and involve over a dozen people on the surgical teams.

These people are not doing it for charity.

There have not been accusations that Sergio Canavero and Xiaoping Ren are not competent at neurosurgery.

Clearly competent neurosurgeons can about a million dollars per year just performing regular neurosurgery.

They must truly believe in the goal of transplanting entire human bodies (aka body replacement aka head transplant). They must have true believer financial backing.

Xiaoping Ren and Sergio Canavero, the surgeons behind the plans for the world’s first human head transplant. OOOM-SERGIO CANAVERO

How going Full Frankenstein can be made somewhat acceptable

If full body swapping is “perfected” and alzheimers and certain other diseases are cured or become treatable lifespans may be vastly increased. It would be brute force rejuvenation where 75 year old bodies get swapped for 25 year old bodies.

This would always be expensive but could be become more reliable and somewhat lower cost with more advanced robotic surgery.

1. Alzheimers and dementia is defeatable.
2. Complete Spinal cord repair is achievable.
3. Further advancement of robotic surgery can the lower cost and improve the speed and precision of complex surgery.
4. There is advancement of cooling the body for safer surgery that last many hours with a stopped heart
5. Need to work out the immune system transfer so that anti-rejection drugs are not needed.
But if you are swapping out the entire body. The donor body immune system would be the one to go with it
6. The sourcing of bodies and body parts could be increased pig-human hybrids

There is work to make genetically modified pigs as a supply of human organs and to eliminate rejection issues.

Brute force extreme life extension and body rejuvenation could then extend lives into the 140-180 year range. There would need to be brain stem cells and other treatments to keep the brains going.

Although if you can provide rejuvenation to the brain over a couple centuries it should also then become possible to rejuvenate the rest of the body, which would make the body transfers mostly redundant. The Full Frankenstein rejuvenation would be a transition to better immortality methods.