How many healthy years of life do you have left ?

A group of actuaries created a life expectancy calculator that calculates how many healthy years one could look forward to.

eating right
getting plenty of exercise,
sleeping right, there were other factors.
Education and income level,
alcohol intake,
safe driving
if you have type 2 diabetes or not
One’s perception of their own state of health has an impact as well.

Most of these are things that you can control.

3 thoughts on “How many healthy years of life do you have left ?”

  1. Your Healthy Life Expectancy is 48.3 Years
    Your Relative Healthy Life Expectancy is about 31.0% above Average
    Your Unhealthy Life Expectancy is 2.7 Years
    Your Life Expectancy is 51.0 Years
    Your Cognitive Unhealthy Life Expectancy is 4.5 Years

  2. Does this calculation take into account anticipated advances in medical technology? Or does it assume things will be as is?

    • It doesn’t even take into account your family history, which is a major factor.

      And it uses BMI, so it isn’t even using current medical technology, let alone any anticipated advances.

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