Hypersonic wind tunnel test model of China’s hypersonic vehicle revealed

China Central Television (CCTV) aired a special talked about the JF-12 hypersonic wind tunnel. This is the largest testing setup of its kind in the world and can produce air speeds up to Mach 9 thanks to its pulse detonation engine. There is also a test shape that looks like the DF-ZF hypersonic vehicle. There are also computer-generated renderings of a blended wing body aircraft or drone.

3 thoughts on “Hypersonic wind tunnel test model of China’s hypersonic vehicle revealed”

  1. It has the shape of a standard paper airplane made from an 8.5×11″ sheet of paper. I always knew that was an elegant solution, but I never thought to take it to the next level and use aluminum foil. I gotta take my hat off to those Chinese!

    • Old joke: as planes get more and more advanced they started looking more and more like paper planes 🙂
      One thing I learned during my 16 year at schools and universities was that making an paper plane more like an arrow as in fold many times both increased the accuracy and the speed, both was nice if you wanted to hit the other guy in the back of head.

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