iPhone X is easy to break and expensive to fix

CNET performed drop tests on the iPhone X and it broke on the first drop. The iPhone X is glass on the front and the back.

The $1000 iPhone X can cost about $500 to fix the rear glass and a little less for the front glass.

7 thoughts on “iPhone X is easy to break and expensive to fix”

  1. I wish to express my deepest gratitude to the geniuses in this thread advising me not to drop my phone.

    I hadn’t thought of that. I’m going to save so much money constantly replacing broken phones now!

  2. I’m always weary of the Tick in the Tick Tock cycle of things. If the X form factor is used for an Xs version that will be the one to get, just like how the iPhone 6 is easy to bend in half, but the 6s is reinforced slightly, and the 7, which is basically the same in form, is stronger still.

    But, none of this matters too much to me, I have a 7 Plus which I am very happy with, so I won’t be buying another phone for at least another year, if not two.

  3. Then don’t drop it. But really, handling a $1000 item a dozen or more times a day has highly increased odds of you dropping it or worse vs it sitting in a kitchen drawer. Go cheap.

  4. I wonder when all the millions of morons will figure it out that they’re ripped with 1000% overpriced garbage…

    • Good observation; it is very nearly 1000% overpriced.

      Generally though, rather than complain about durability and repair costs, simply try not to drop the damn phone.

  5. Given I’ve have had bad experiences with frail, expensive flagship phones apparently made of mirror glass, I’m done buying them.

    I’m currently using a mid range phone with a sturdy frame and good battery, and perfectly happy with it.

  6. Apple is basically a one pony show. If yet get something really wrong with a new phone it would hurt a lot more than if say Samsung did.

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