Leaner, quieter and more agile robot dog – Spot mini

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You know how when dogs are asleep, they sometimes move their paws like they're running? Well now you know what they're running from.


When I started studying robots at high school a few years ago, there were some simulations that showed how we could computationally train systems to "move" naturally, though that didn't translate well to real life robots. I read a bit about the topic and I found it really interesting, one of these problems that seem so simple to us, but are so difficult to solve in real life engineering. I don't know how are they doing it nowadays, but leaving militar purposes aside, seeing how we can "simulate" nature and "teach" man-made robots to move every time more naturally... I find that fascinating.


Calling it a robot dog? Anyone can see it's a dinosaur.


It's a dog - it even has a pair of nuts back there for it to lick.


"Calling it a robot dog? Anyone can see it's a dinosaur."

With the brain in the "body" and eyes and tactile sensors in the "hand" it's more like a puppeteer 🙂


All you need to add is some speech recognition and planning software to have a robot that could really get itself in some real trouble. 😉


But is it housetrained?