How will it become more unfair without net neutrality ?

How will the pending FCC ditching of net neutrality make things worse ?

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, a former Verizon attorney who was appointed to the agency by President Donald Trump, has revealed plans to overturn net neutrality this week. In a statement earlier this year, Pai described net neutrality rules as creating a regulatory burden that stifled innovation and hurt businesses, saying he wanted to “return to the Clinton-era light-touch framework that has proven to be successful.”

Comcast and other cable and telecom ISP providers could demand higher fees from content companies like Netflix (NFLX) in exchange for preferential treatment. Netflix and its customers use 40% of internet bandwidth.

Pai argues that eliminating net neutrality will spur an investment in the ISP sector, allowing providers to develop new services.

This will not happen.

Comcast and the cable providers are trying to go after Netflix because it impacts their profitability on the content side.

If we let big ISPs charge whatever, then we need clear a path to real ISP competition

There needs to be some way to generate 4 viable ISP choices for every county.

Will the internet satellite networks provide that competition ?
Can more sections of spectrum be reserved for wireless and other competitors ?

South Korea and other countries create a way for companies to enter the broadband market without having to pay for huge amounts of infrastructure.