Nikko Racing Drone with wifi, camera and video display

DRL Nikko Air Race Drone Vision 220 FPV Pro. 5.8 GHz analog transmission delivers real-time video display without image delay. Speeds of 25+ miles per hour! Includes FPV googles allowing you to see exactly what your drone sees as it happens. Comes with 3 variable flight modes and 3 speeds this is the perfect Race Drone for all skill levels- beginners to advanced. Also includes a 4gb Memory card to save your photos and videos.

DRL Nikko Air Race Drone Vision 220 FPV Pro is $245 on Amazon and also needs $18 for delivery.

It comes with eight batteries to run the controller and the video display.

Once you get the drone and get the drone charged you can fly.

Turn on the drone and the controller.
Wait for the drone light to go flashing green.
Push the left joy stick up and down and the drone light will go solid green.
Slowly push up the left joy stick. Make sure all four propellers are spinning then push higher til it is flying.

There maybe trim and other adjustments needed which can be seen in the instructions.

It is affordable and easy to get a basic drone flying that can take videos and pictures.

Here are the online instructions for the racing drone. It has multiple languages so each page is only about a paragraph of actual english instructions.