Now another situation where Elon Musk World changing requires total commitment

Tesla built 180 Tesla model 3 cars in October for a total of 440 over the last few months. Telsa main goal to produce 5,000 vehicles per week at some point in December. Tesla was supposed to start deliveries to regular customers in “late October”, but this will likely be delayed in Q1 of 2018.

Telsa is spending $1 billion per quarter on its business.

The pre-selling of electric trucks and the new Roadster could bring in $250 million. Basically they are super-sized crowdfunding.

A normal company might need to sell shares or bonds on poor terms in the first half of 2018 in order to meet a cash shortfall.

Elon Musk has shown that he is a true believer in his businesses and has been willing in the past to put his entire personal fortune at risk in order to help his companies over existential risks. Therefore, if Tesla gets pushed to the wall, Elon will double down and put his own resources in to bridge the gap. Elon will be able give Tesla into 2019 to resolve production issues for the Model 3. Those are the financial and production risks. There is the other side which is maintaining and building customer interest in the Model 3.

Tesla has many smart people. They are definitely working night and day and weekends to fix the Model 3 production issues.

Changing the world is hard. Overcoming these problems will be another example where it will be seen that achieving success for electric cars or reusable rockets required not just a great business person but someone with total commitment.

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