Opec forecasts what they hope happens through 2040

OPEC has a forecast where oil usages is not severely impacted by electric cars and fuel efficiency only doubles and where renewables grow but they just slow the growth of oil and gas.

OPEC expects US Shale oil production to peak in 2025.

10 thoughts on “Opec forecasts what they hope happens through 2040”

  1. Electric and hybrid cars will be the majority of cars in 15 years. Trucks will take longer. So peak oil will happens in the next 10 years. And after that it will decline.

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  2. Considering those very oil/gas companies are currently huge investors in all thins renewable, the future f that chart is partially in their hands.

  3. Given that the next 22 years will be the most unpredictable thus far in the history of the planet, and possibly the universe . . . the operative word is ‘hope.’

    • More unpredictable than the first 22 years of the 20th century? Or the last 22 years of the 18th century?

      How are you predicting that?

  4. I saw more realistic forecasts where peak oil demand is at around 2030. Considering that electric cars are going to reach economic parity with gasoline at 2025 the latest, I take this forecast as a wishful thinking.

    • It’s probably better than anything the U.S. EIA puts out. They’re notorious for bad forecasts, they default to business-as-usual and can’t see a new trend if it smacks them in the face.

      We also don’t know when algae will start becoming practical as an oil source.

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