Patreon issues resolved

Apologies to Patreon users. There was a manual process of creating user login accounts on the site. And there was a process gap in getting the email signups set up as user accounts. This has now been corrected. Any new patreons should have gotten a login setup this morning.

The email would provide user name and password.

You have to login to the website in order to have no ads.

If there are any problems, let me know.

Thanks for your patience.

4 thoughts on “Patreon issues resolved”

  1. This is for the purpose of allowing you to see ad-free content, not as a login for the comment system, right?

    • I see no reason for duplication.

      Those that pay in Patreon get a login an account, the rest don’t.

      The rest can still comment here but we don’t get exclusive password protected accounts nor their benefits, which are for patrons.

      • Another way to put it is, the password protection was deliberately taken away, so that we’d have to pay to get it back. Well, that does explain Brian abruptly dropping Solid Opinion in favor of WordPress, without giving us any warning. It was to make the user experience worse for those of us who didn’t ante up.

        I’m not a big fan of companies that deliberately degrade their product then ask you to pay for a restoration of the previous level of service, even if I can understand the reasoning. I’ll have to think about it.

        Does Patreon get you the articles with corrected spelling and proof reading?

        • Yeah, it’s a bit disappointing. Comment systems like Disqus are free AFAIK, unless they cost something for sites with lots of traffic.

          But the time the good posters spend reading and making valuable comments is also valuable itself. This is a “for fun” forum, I don’t get any service or gain from it.

          I don’t count myself among the good posters either (that would be people like GG), but at least I try to collaborate with a lively discussion.

          If that’s suddenly not of value or if I have to pay besides of giving my free time, I am also free not to, and I have to admit I’ve been tempted of late.

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