Personal CRISPR genetic experimentation

Tristan Roberts is injecting himself with a previously an untested, experimental gene therapy.

Several individuals have publicly attempted to augment themselves with genes that will inhibit cell death or boost muscle growth, and self-experimentation is also happening in private.

Brian Hanley (picture above) , a microbiologist who gave himself a gene therapy designed to increase his stamina and life span. Hanley designed a plasmid containing a gene coding for growth hormone–releasing hormone. A physician assisted in administration of the plasmid to Hanley’s thigh using electroporation. The plasmids were administered twice: once in summer 2015 and a second larger dose in July 2016.

Hanley said that the treatment has helped him. Results – Testosterone up 20% with a peak increase of 77%. White blood counts up 16% with a peak of 40%. Lipid profile improved: HDLs up to 76, a rise of 20%. LDL down 20%. Triglycerides down 50%, with a low being down 60%. Healing time is much faster. Pulse rate appears to have dropped by 10 beats per minute or more.

Josiah Zayner is using gene therapy to inhibit myostatin which would enable a muscle building effect several times stronger than steroids if it is successful.

In 2015, Liz Parrish, an entrepreneur without a background in biology claimed to have received a dose of gene therapy in Latin America.

A US National Institutes of Health (NIH) study showed N6 neutralized 98% of the HIV virus in lab conditions. There are people who naturally generate N6 antivirus.

Ascendance Biomedical is using plasmids to take CRISPR gene therapy to enable the people without the N6 production mutation to produce N6.

So far the injections have not produced an HIV curing effect. Tristan will try again with 10 to 100 times larger dose of plasmid gene therapy.

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  1. If I could sign up as a test subject I would. I don’t have much to live for anyway if this kills me but even the million to one odds of getting enhancements like this for the rest of my life would be worth it.

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