Russia buying more ground combat robots

The Russian army plans to buy the combat robot Nerekhta, said Colonel Oleg Pomazuev, head of the department of innovation research at the Main Directorate of Research Activities (GU NID) of the Ministry of Defense.

Three modules were developed for the platform: combat, transport and artillery reconnaissance.

The combat module in various versions is equipped with a 12.7-mm Kord machine gun or 7.62-mm Kalashnikov tank machine gun, and can additionally be equipped with an automatic grenade launcher AG-30M.

8 thoughts on “Russia buying more ground combat robots”

  1. I very much enjoy a Russian tank up my rear. Not so sure about these robotic types. A manned one is what I like the most.

  2. From self-driving cars to self-driving tanks and warplanes — what could go wrong? You don’t even need Skynet for that stuff to become implacably deadly.

  3. Frees up the Russian Army to rape more Polish and German women during the invasion…a Russian Army forte.

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