Russia postpones stealth fighters and other expensive miltary gear past 2027

Russia will not make large purchases of the fifth-generation Su-57 PAK-FA stealth fighter until after 2027. Russia will wait until improved engines are available.

The Center for Naval Analyses senior research scientist Dmitry Gorenburg wrote in a new PONARS Policy Memo the following analysis.

The Russian State Armament Program (SAP) for 2018-2027 will spend about 19 trillion rubles (USD325 billion). The previous eight years had the same budget. The military had wanted two to three times more but had to settle for the same amount.

The most ambitious and expensive projects, including new designs for aircraft carriers, destroyers, strategic bombers, and fighter-interceptor combat aircraft will all be postponed.

Russia will focus on drones, missiles, regular planes and tanks and AWACS.

The Navy will get about half the procurement budget for the prior 8 years.

Russia will try to keep pace with the USA and China. They are far behind the USA in surface ships, transport aircraft, and automated control systems. Russia will fall behind China in those areas as well.