Russian and OPEC long term planning builds in inevitability of future China economic dominance

Even though their are many China bears who predict that China will have many problems with economic growth, China is currently able to wrap up many economic deals with Russia, OPEC and the world with the aura inevitability.

China’s economy will become the largest in the world in coming years, while trade between Russia and China will reach the planned level of $100 billion, Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters on the sidelines of the APEC summit on Saturday.

Above – is the economic forecast of oil consumption from the latest OPEC long term forecast which has China getting to about triple the economy of the USA based on the per capita PPP income.

Putin indicated plans for Russia and China to work together on energy, space, aviation and China’s Belt and Road.

“We have ambitious plans in energy and nuclear energy,” he said noting that both countries were looking to space exploration, in particular in far-out space, and to aviation and to helicopter building.

Putin pointed out that Russia’s interaction with China needed correction in light of plans to develop the Eurasian Economic Union and to align them with China’s One Belt, One Road idea.

With Putin in Russia and OPEC as true believers in China economic dominance inevitability then China will be able to lock in the Belt and Road plan deals over the next five years. The Belt and Road deals will then help assure China’s economy is boosted with increased trade and supplies of abundant resources.

Successful creation of Belt and Road integration of South Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe will fulfill the prophecy of inevitable future China economic dominance.