Russian and OPEC long term planning builds in inevitability of future China economic dominance

Even though their are many China bears who predict that China will have many problems with economic growth, China is currently able to wrap up many economic deals with Russia, OPEC and the world with the aura inevitability.

China’s economy will become the largest in the world in coming years, while trade between Russia and China will reach the planned level of $100 billion, Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters on the sidelines of the APEC summit on Saturday.

Above – is the economic forecast of oil consumption from the latest OPEC long term forecast which has China getting to about triple the economy of the USA based on the per capita PPP income.

Putin indicated plans for Russia and China to work together on energy, space, aviation and China’s Belt and Road.

“We have ambitious plans in energy and nuclear energy,” he said noting that both countries were looking to space exploration, in particular in far-out space, and to aviation and to helicopter building.

Putin pointed out that Russia’s interaction with China needed correction in light of plans to develop the Eurasian Economic Union and to align them with China’s One Belt, One Road idea.

With Putin in Russia and OPEC as true believers in China economic dominance inevitability then China will be able to lock in the Belt and Road plan deals over the next five years. The Belt and Road deals will then help assure China’s economy is boosted with increased trade and supplies of abundant resources.

Successful creation of Belt and Road integration of South Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe will fulfill the prophecy of inevitable future China economic dominance.

17 thoughts on “Russian and OPEC long term planning builds in inevitability of future China economic dominance”

  1. Inevitable economic dominance?

    They were tooting that horn all the time about the Japanese back in the 90s, too. What a joke that turned out to be.

  2. The biggest threat to China’s future dominance lies withing their own economy. As long as they keep growing their state owned industries, they will be creating the method of their own economic downfall. I hope they realize this before they crash the world economy.

    India will also be a dominant player if they can sort out their economy. Simple demographics tells us that.

  3. The notion of India outshining China is wistful thinking of the part of the Western Media as they are looking for a “democratic” hero as opposed to a “communist” success story. They cannot swallow the fact that another system apart from democracy will work. So they hope and encourage India to show the way. Any data coming out of India would be seen as “good” indicators while China is heading for a collapse. It hasn’t turned out that way and they are disappointed. Fact is, India can only plod along as they need a huge overhaul of their political system and I am sorry to say democracy should be junked. Now this is blasphemy to many and the western media but do you see a way out of the deadlock that makes the GOP and Democrats deadlock look like a pillow fight? Now I am not advocating that the China “system” works for all and indeed they would have to constantly evolve (some say to the Singapore model). But really that’s what India needs.

    • Firstly, India isn’t the lone democracy in the world, or the posterchild for it. Nextly, China’s system isn’t some “alternative” – it’s specifically a dictatorship. China didn’t invent dictatorship or authoritarianism, they’re just another practitioner out of so many. Furthermore, China is now moving from a more generalized party-based authoritarianism (CCP) to a dictatorship based on the supremacy of a specific personality (Xi Jingping). Dictatorship has its liabilities, and these will continue to accumulate and manifest themselves as time goes on. Just because a wumao like Joe Wong can’t admit the obvious, doesn’t mean the laws of nature will suspend themselves.

      • sanman, This is what the White said about India. India is in the form of radical militant Hinduism which is the world’s most Degenerated, Duplicitous, and Debauched nation to have ever existed – carnage is happening today in India the likes of which has not been seen in thousands of years. When India and Pakistan were born and in its aftermath 100 million were killed and many more were displaced by the fascist Hindutva fanatics. India is the only caste system nation in the world that abuses human beings by birth, e.g. the higher caste can gang rape lower caste and lynch the victim afterwards as one of the caste privileges.

        Modi’s mentor, Bal Thackeray (died 2012) was a great admirer of Hitler. In fact, the basic philosophy of both Hindutva and Zionism is based on Hitler and Mussolini Fascism hidden under the so-called “Nationalism”. The principle agenda of Hindutva is to turn India into a “Hindu only” state, same as the occupied Muslim-majority is being turned into a “Jewish only” state by the Zionist Jews.

        The Italian researcher of Indian politics, Marzia Casolari has done pioneering work in tracing the fraternal links between the RSS founders on the one hand and Fascism and Nazism on the other. After a laborious search of different archives in India and abroad she has been able to unearth, “the existence of direct contacts between the representatives of Italian Fascist regime including Mussolini, and Hindu nationalists demonstrates that Hindu nationalism has more than an abstract in the ideology and practice of fascism.”

        Inhumane caste system that abuse human beings by birth defines the laws of nature in India. Indians never suspend their inhumane caste system laws from antiquity to modern time to perpetuity, they only package it with different facade, nowadays the facade borrowed from the European.

        • Wumao, the fact that you rely on Euro-centrist Leftist voices to slander Indians again shows your own insular culture’s lack of exposure to anyone or anything beyond your narrow Han bubble. Your knowledge of the outside world is garbage, and certainly India and China have never been neighbors in thousands of years, in spite of your recent attempt to change that with your imperialist invasion of Tibet. Your knowledge of India is garbage, your attempts to parrot Euro-centrist Left-wing partisans is pathetic. Instead of giving falsely-premised lectures to others on the “inhumanity” you perceive in them, you should first look at the blood on your hands from Tiananmen Square to the Cultural Revolution and back before that as well.

          • wu mao…learn something new every day. Joe Wong earn $1 so far, by my count.

            Hey Joe! Maybe you can use that in trade instead of having the local party boss bang your sister once a month as per your guanxi arrangement, eh?

    • There is no such thing as a ‘communist’ success story.

      Where Chinese success has come from is directly in areas that were de-communized, after all.

  4. Nothing is inevitable about China dominance with household debt already surpassing pre recession levels in the US and faltering growth. China is basically shifting debt from one sector of the economy to another and inflating it in the process. Any economic collapse in China has a good chance of bringing a regime collapse.

    • Arttai, the household debt in the USA and its Five-eyes lackeys has long surpassed pre-recession level, please enlighten us when will the economies of the USA and its Five-eyes lackeys collapse and how soon regime changes will happen to the USA and its Five-eye lackeys so that peace will arrive to the world finally?

      • You do know that the sum of all debt is zero. Whatever you owe is an asset to someone else. Scaring people into not spending is a self fulfilling prophecy of doom.

      • What debt? We issue out worthless bonds for real crap from China to line the shelves at WalMart.

        Free goods! Who is thus ‘richer’, eh?

        But billion or so Chinese keep taking those bonds…Stupid Chinese. Over a billion of them.

        That’s $1.50 you’ve earned here so far, wu mao. $2 will get your sister a free pass from having to spread her legs for the local party boss for this month, I hear. Keep up the good work!

  5. America’s mentally lazy sleepwalking strategists have needlessly been pushing Russia into the arms of China. By doing this, they are ensuring America’s decline and marginalization from world affairs. That they don’t see this, is to their discredit.

    • Coming from an American, agreed. I think both of our political parties have managed to bash each other into mutual stupidity. +1

  6. Roads make a good route in as well as out, ChiComs…. So you best be careful or the one to lose might be you… But that would be a benefit to the average person, so build those roads.

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