Singularity University Partners with Airbus on Mixed Reality Training

In an effort to improve internal communications, Airbus recently partnered with Singularity University for a 6-month partnership. Together they were able to scope, design, engineer and test a prototype of a mixed reality (XR) communications, collaboration, and learning platform that revolutionized the way Airbus communicates its culture and value to internal employees.

The creation of this one-of-a-kind AR and AI education platform proves that implementing emerging technologies into a company’s core business is beneficial for the external and internal perception of the organization.

Team Airbus came to SU for a couple of weeks. At A3, Airbus’ Silicon Valley outpost, the Airbus team met with Singularity University mixed-reality experts. They learn about eye-tracking technology and other ideas that expand the possibilities of the system they’re developing. Along the way, the team realizes the power of their potential as their collective effort moves the project forward.

Nextbigfuture interviewed Jody Medich, director of design for SU (Singularity University) labs. Jody works at SU to actually build prototypes and products.

Jody works on
* Incubations.
* Full design and builds on prototypes.
* Technology strategy for the launching of products and services.

Airbus and SU considered what will change if you have a hololens all day ?

Augmented reality was used via a hololens.

They decided to help people learn more kinestic way.

Creating Virtual Reality Training

Previous training and orientation was based on powerpoint presentations.

Airbus had already develop world’s first Mixed Reality Trainer for the A350 XWB airplane.

The new augmented reality training is sent to the home of new Airbus stuff along with a hololens.

The staff earn about aerodynamics like at an interactive Tech museum exhibit.
With immersion they can more practically sense the physical aspects of aerodynamics.
Each person then teaches a module from the lesson when they return the next day.
The airbus students then work together as team to fly a plane around the room.

Tracks what kind of learner you are.

VR orientation classes started in September, 2017.

Airbus is trying to foster a culture of innovation throughout the company

Airbus established the holo academy.
X350 mixed reality is a separate training system

Airbus team is building many more applications for hololens.

Airbus started an SU (Singularity University) chapter at Airbus.

The Airbus-SU collaboration was a 6 month starter project.

What other Similar work is happening at SU

SU has two other corporate chapters. Corporate partner are committed to holding meetings and sponsoring talks.

They come SU so that staff can understand exponential thinking and leverage it.