Tesla Roadster 2020 will have 250+ mph top speed

Elon Musk also unveiled the new Tesla Roadster 2020. It will be the first standard production car with 250+ top speed characteristics. Development will start in 2020. It is the new Tesla electric car.

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  1. So turns out Tesla requires a full payment of 250K upfront if you want to reserve one of the 1000 founder series roadsters which will effectively give a $250 million interest free loan within just a week or so. Than if you want a basic model roadster you need to put down a $50K deposit. If only 5000 reservations are made it is another $250 million interest free loan so within several weeks Musk will have half a billion dollars to develop this megacharger network.

  2. LaFerrari, the company’s $1.4 million flagship. It has a 6.3-liter V-12 engine, with an electric hybrid drive, and makes an enormous 949 horsepower. That translates into 0–60 mph in 2.6 seconds
    Tesla roadster $200K 0–60 mph in 1.9 seconds. Which one would you buy. Rich people buy such cars for bragging rights and the car’s specs are what they brag about. When tesla roadster will be smoaking all the hypercars to bits who will want to buy them?

  3. Given the fact demonstrated by Motor trend people that Tesla P100d can do 0 to 60 in 2.38 sec it is without a doubt that purpose build sports car can achieve all the world records. The most incredible one to me is the 200 kwh battery but Musk said the DEMONSTRATED all these specs in this prototype and Musk does not lie about specs.

  4. What a useless article. . They forgot to mention all the specs which are all world records. 200 kwh battery, 620 miles or 1000 km range, 0 to 60 miles in 1.9 sec, quarter mile in 8.8 sec, 0 to 100 miles in 4.2 sec. All these specs in a base model. It is a 4 seater with lots of storage space. Will cost 250K. Can go to San Francisco and back on one charge.

    • “200 kwh battery”
      Weighting WELL more than a ton
      “Can go to San Francisco and back on one charge”
      At 30 mph.

        • No,it’s two tons and twenty mph.Which is worse,but the whole idea is moronic anyways,which is why Russia doesn’t do it.

      • If the battery’s energy density is roughly 250 wh/kg (which is less than state of the art at this point) and has a range of over 600 miles then the battery would probably weigh under a ton. Don’t let that Russian schooling keep you from doing the math tho.

  5. I am starting to become wary of Musk. He’s making big promises but under-delivering. Where are the Model 3s for the masses?

    • Well, they have the car designed and they can build them. However, now they have to figure how to make them in sufficient numbers that the Model 3 will make money for them. This last bit has been hard for them. I’ve read they had a new company design their production line so that’s been problematic because the knowledge they previously gained on how to do an EV car line was squandered. It’s my feeling that this is a make or break moment for them and it’s possible if they don’t get their production up to speed quickly enough that they’ll fail as a company.

      • I’ve read they have production line issues too, that they claim revolutionary methods but that they have ignored standard practices for efficiency and high output.

  6. Actually, the record for a production vehicle is now set by Koenigsegg Agera RS.
    On November 4th, 2017, in Pahrump, Nevada, they managed 446.97 km/h (277.87 mph).

    • Koenigsegg doesn’t fit the definition of production vehicle. It neither produces at least 25 identical cars a year nor is the Agera street legal. Zero for two.

  7. Twitter is calling this a Ferrari killer. I’m a little skeptical, honestly. People buy Ferraris for more reasons than their top speed.

    • The latest Ferrari costs $1.4mill, this tesla 200K. People used to buy them for bragging rights, so now they have a chance to overpay $1.2mill to brag about being bitten by a tesla roadster.

      • I think I’d rather buy a hyperfast car from a company that builds race cars than from a company that builds technology products.

      • There are a dozen workshops in every major city that can build you a car that will out accelerate both of these cars, and will build it for less than $200k.

        There is a lot more to a car than straight line numbers.

  8. Frankly, I was way more impressed with the Bose suspension demo that came out this week..than I am with something that’s basically illegal and impractical in all but 2 places and causes more than 4x the drag on an already very range limited vehicle.

    • They’ve moved away from 18650 cells to 2170s in the Model 3 which has ~30% greater energy density and specific energy at the pack level. The Roadster claims for acceleration and range aren’t unrealistic IMO. Top speed is another can of worms…

      • Interesting. The pack still needs to be a lot larger than the Model S P100 though, and with the +2 seats in the back there seems not to be that much room left. And it’s a smaller car in general.

        I guess some of the extra volume is the 5mm difference between 65 and 70mm cell height.

        • It is a 4 seater. I recommend you watch the actual reveal. The roadster is gorgeous and will undoubtedly take business from other hyper cars. Musk said they have DEMONSTRATED all these specs in this base model prototype.

    • The world records that it made was not the top speed (most useless one) but in acceleration. The first production car in history to break 2sec in 0 to 60, to break 9sec in a quarter mile, and 5sec in 0 to 100miles.

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