Tesla semi truck coming 2019 and when platooning almost half the cost per mile

Tesla electric semi-truck will begin production in 2019.

* capable of hauling 80,000 pounds
* 500-600 mile range between charging. 500 mile range with maximum cargo.
* the truck gets the Enhanced Autopilot features that let it drive itself on the highway, staying in its lane and a safe distance from neighboring vehicles.
* radars built into the front of the vehicle, and many cameras
* it can accelerate to 60 mph in 20 seconds (BAMF performance)
* 20% less expensive to operate than a diesel truck ($1.26 per mile compared to $1.51 per mile.)
* Tesla Semis can drive in a convoy (platooning). Trucks can draft off each other while letting computers and sensors keep them just feet apart at highway speeds, it could compete on cost with trains. “This beats rail,” said Musk, throwing up an 85 cents per mile cost.
* independent power on each wheel so jackknifing is impossible
* Tesla guarantees it will not break down for a million miles. 4 motors.

There are 4 million big rig trucks in the USA. US trucking is a $700 billion per year industry.