Trading your time and attention for cryptocurrency

mytime is a decentralized blockchain platform with its own cryptocurrency — mytimecoin (MYTC).

The number of services that require a human’s attention to operate is growing daily. However, our time is finite and will never be enough for all the activities which genuinely interest us. Our time is the most valuable thing we have. So what if we transform time into a measurable value and provide services with a tool to attract and retain users?

mytime is an open blockchain platform that records the amount of time spent by users on a particular online service and converts it into cryptocurrency.

mytimecoin (MYTC) is the cryptocurrency backed by a user’s investment of time; in other words, a mytime payment instrument.

The time spent in the service is validated by its registration in the blockchain as a transfer of cryptocurrency. Payment is made by the service which wants a person’s time and attention.

mytime operates on the Chronos protocol underpinned by the Proof-of-Time algorithm based on the DPoS protocol.

mytime can be used for:
▪ Loyalty programs in which the company pays a user for time spent on a service, thereby motivating him/her to return.
▪ Selling user time to a third party in exchange for cryptocurrency.
▪ Compensation for time spent watching videos or playing computer games.
▪ A learning incentive system to propel users through online courses.
▪ Effective accounting for work hours.
▪ Per-minute royalties.

There is a mytime whitepaper.

mytime RoadMap

Q3 2017
Launch the project website

Q4 2017 PR and Token Sale

Broad media coverage of the project. Conclude mytime
agreements with businesses. Launch the token sale from
the 7th to the 24th of December

Q1 2018 5 companies enter into mytime agreements.

Large-scale events in different cities around the world are arranged
Promote the mytime brand
Perform private protocol testing
Implement the Chronos protocol

Q2 2018 mytime is used in a test environment

Audit the entire mytime ecosystem before launching publicly
Launch the first mytime applications
Audit the mytime ecosystem

Q3 2018
Public launch of the mytime ecosystem

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  1. This might actually become a great thing for less developed countries with big populations with nothing to do. If someone can find a use case for their time, this will have positive effects. The big enabler will of course be world wide internet coverage, like the SpaceX project. Without that, user time will not be accessible.

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