US Army testing FORTIS exoskeleton that will let soldiers climb with 180 pounds of gear

The US Army is testing the Lockheed Martin FORTIS exoskeleton.

Using independent actuators, motors and lightweight conformal structures, lithium ion battery powered FORTIS allows soldiers to carry 180 pounds up five flights of stairs while expending less energy.

There is a 2017 Youtube video of the FORTIS exoskeleon

In May 2017, the Lockheed FORTIS Exoskeleton was at Technology Readiness level 6 and they were planning to get to Technology Readiness level 8 by the end of 2017.

FORTIS uses a three-pound, rechargeable BB-2590 lithium ion battery.

Developed by Lockheed with internal research and development funds, FORTIS is designed to help soldiers run, maneuver, carry injured comrades and perform a wide range of combat tasks while preventing hyperextension of the knee.

FORTIS is a next generation version of the HULC exoskeleton.

The Industrial version of the exoskeleton is selling for $24,000 each.