US Navy will try to upgrade Virginia Submarines with Next Generation Columbia features

The US Navys Tactical Submarine Evolution Plan (TSEP) will create a ready menu of mature and maturing technology that they will insert when ready.

The Virginia submarine program has been expanded to get 48 submarines and to accelerate the rate of construction. They are upgrading manufacturing and systems as each submarine is built.

The TSEP looks at the possibility of using the Columbia-class SSBN design and production line to flow into an SSGN production line in the mid-2030s. General Dynamics’ Electric Boat and Huntington Ingalls’ Newport News Shipbuilding will build a dozen SSBNs – one in 2021, one in 2024, and then one a year in 2026 through 2035 – and talks are underway about keeping that production line warm by building more guided-missile subs.