Breakthrough Carbon capture that is ten times cheaper

Innovator Energy has a new mechanism to separate CO2 from power plant flue gas that uses one fourth the energy and is ten times cheaper.>A The process introduced in their ACS peer-reviewed paper requires 75% less energy than existing CO2 capture processes. Our confidential CO2 capture technology, CO2 Evolution™, is the first entirely powered by discarded, abundant low temperature waste heat with a temperature as low as 28 degrees celsius and has 90% lower operating cost than existing CO2 capture processes.

The technology could capture carbon dioxide at $10 or so per metric ton.

The world will need to capture as much as 6 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.

They have secured funding from an investor to build another pilot plant that will use actual waste gas from a power plant or chemical factory, and capture 1,000 kg of carbon emissions per day. (Novek wouldn’t say who the investor is because of a confidentiality agreement.) He’s also currently applying for a $3 million grant from the US energy department.

Their vision is for widespread implementation of economically viable CO2 capture and conversion on all CO2 emitting processes, including power generation, metal refining, biogas purification, cement production and waste-water treatment.