China has statue of a Transformer that is taller and heavier than the Statue of Liberty

China has a $1 billion to $1.5 billion virtual reality theme park that has a 174-foot tall statue of a Transformer made of 750 tons of steel. The theme park is set to open in February 2018.

The copper statue portion of the Statue of Liberty is 150 feet tall and weighs 225 tons.

The Transformer statue is 3 times the weight and is taller.

The Theme park is in Guiyang city in Guizhou province.

The new VR park is named simply ‘Oriental Science Fiction Valley‘. The massive VR park spans 330 acres (134 hectares) and houses within its various sci-fi-inspired buildings 35 different VR attractions—including everything from shooters, virtual rollercoasters, to guided spaceship tours of the region’s most scenic spots.

Almost the size of the Pacific Rim Jaegers