Expert advice on Cybersecurity

Enlightened, Inc. is an award-winning Information Technology (IT) Consulting firm that helps clients solve complex business problems by leveraging technology.

They work in the following areas:

Software development
Management Consulting
Business Process Outsourcing

Nextbigfuture interviewed Antwanye Ford President and CEO of Enlightened.

He is a co-founder of Enlightened. Antwanye has led the company’s growth from its initial days as a start-up to a diverse organization with 200-250 employees.

Enlightened has setup a cyber security center of excellence with Howard university.

Question – Passwords and hacking of companies has been a well publicized problem for Yahoo and Experian and many other companies. What can we expect to see and what can be done ?

Passwords and security are a major issue for Enlightened Defense and Intelligence clients. There is a shift to enhancing passwords with biometrics and additional security. There are trend towards fingerprint and hand print scanning. In the mainstream we see Apple iPhones are using the fingerprint scanners. There are also CAT cards for dual authentication.

People of course must assume your information has been exposed given the level of known and likely data breaches.

One step is to perform occasional total refreshes of your own security information.

How about blockchains for security ?

Blockchain has two to many thousands of distributed copies. This means that hackers would need hack into multiple servers to impact the synchronized data.

What can be done about spam phone calls ?

The onus is on the telephone companies to fix spam calls. Phone service is their product and they need to provide solutions that work for customers.

Similarly for the internet of things there is the need to embed security before the product is launched and to maintain security.

Providers of products and services need to take responsibility for what they are selling.