Mother and child were conceived one year apart

Tina Gibs is 26 years old and gave birth to an embryo that was frozen 25 years ago.

The Gibsons “adopted” the embryo (and four sibling embryos from the same egg donor). The original embryo was created by in vitro fertilization by another, anonymous couple, the embryos had been left in storage so they could be used by someone unable or unwilling to conceive a child naturally.

The doctors unthawed three “snowbabies,” all of them adopted from the same anonymous donor. Surprisingly, all three survived. Normally, there’s about a 75% survival rate when unthawing frozen embryos.

Though Keenan transferred all three to Tina, only one implanted. This is normal, since successful implantation rate “normally runs about 25% to 30%,” she said.

There are leftover embryos because couples have completed their families and no longer need additional embryos.

The new babies name is Emma, not Elsa.