Russia deploying hypersonic missiles and precision weapons

Russia’s new 2018-2027 state armament plan stipulates allocating 19 trillion rubles ($324 billion) for weapons deliveries and 1 trillion rubles ($17 billion) for synchronizing these efforts. The new state armament plan prioritizes developing nuclear deterrence forces and delivering precision weapons to the troops.

The US spends $90 billion on military procurement and $63 billion on military research each year. US spending on procurement is about 5 times Russia’s level of spending.

Russia’s hypersonic Tsirkon missiles can be launched with the help of a universal shipborne platform (ZS-14 launchers). The launcher is used on new Project 20380 corvettes and Project 22350 frigates.

The hypersonic Tsirkon missile has a firing range of about 400 km and its maximum speed is indicated in the range of 4-6 Mach. The Tsirkon missile reached a speed of 8 Mach during flight tests in April.