Space Heavy test launch will try to reach Mars with a Tesla Roadster

Space Heavy test launch next month will try to reach Mars with Elon Musk’s personal Tesla Roadster.

5 thoughts on “Space Heavy test launch will try to reach Mars with a Tesla Roadster”

  1. It’s an amusing stunt, and still a valid test.

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  2. Brilliant idea to talk about Tesla Roadster on a test flight of the falcon heavy. Millions of people will now be thinking about Tesla cars. This advertising is worth as much or more that the cost of the rocket!!

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  4. LOL – Its a lovely statement-test. “I’m so bloody rich that I can throw the first launch to include my favorite company made car”. Hey – I like it. Gen-X and Gen-Y and Hipsters and Lipsyncers and Millennials and so on love it.

    I hope it goes as planned.
    A Great Big Flaming Rocket is a good thing.

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