China gathering AI and quantum technology researchers as part of military applications push

China has gathered 120 researchers from around the military to work for its top research institute as part of a push to develop military applications for artificial intelligence and quantum technology.

More than 95 percent of the new recruits enlisted into the academy hold PhD degrees and are highly specialized in certain fields, particularly artificial intelligence assisted unmanned vehicles and quantum technology.

China has previously plans to spend billions making AI and Quantum computing research centers. They will spend tens of billions to dominate AI and Quantum technology.

China has three year AI action plan

China has a three year plan for AI – four key tasks based on in-depth investigations and studies, a total of 17 products or areas:

1. focus on nurturing and developing intelligent products such as smart car, intelligent service robot, intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle, medical imaging aided diagnosis system, video image identification system, intelligent voice interactive system, intelligent translation system, smart home product, etc. Intelligent products in the economic and social integration.

The above intelligent products have good technology and industrial base. Products in some segments have already taken the lead in the world and are expected to achieve large-scale development under the guidance of the national policies, resulting in a breakthrough from the point of view and driving artificial intelligence In-depth application of technology in the industry.

2. Focus on the development of intelligent sensors, neural network chips, open source open platform and other key areas, tamping the development of artificial intelligence industry hardware and software foundation.

The market competitiveness of these products or platforms is not strong, which is a weak link in the industrial chain and may restrict the development of the industry. It is urgent to speed up innovation and development, lay a solid foundation and fill shortcomings.

3. Deepen the development of intelligent manufacturing, to encourage the exploration and application of the new generation of artificial intelligence technology in all aspects of the industrial field, to enhance the innovation capability of intelligent manufacturing of key technology and equipment and to foster the promotion of a new mode of intelligent manufacturing.

Manufacturing is one of the industries where artificial intelligence first landed. The “Made in China 2025 ” put forward the explicit requirement of “promoting smart manufacturing as the main direction”. In recent years, under the great attention of the Central Party Committee and the State Council, the development of manufacturing industry in our country has made positive progress. In particular, a great deal of work has been done in accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing and promoting the upgrading and transformation of the manufacturing industry. The “Action Plan” and “Made in China 2025 ” are closely linked, further highlighting the need to accelerate the application of artificial intelligence technology to upgrade the specific tasks, will deepen the development of intelligent manufacturing to provide strong support.

4. build a public support system for industry training resources, standard testing and intellectual property service platform, intelligent network infrastructure, network security and other industries, and improve the environment for the development of artificial intelligence.