If you dare – personal Green Goblin like flight up to 90 mph, a mile high for ten minutes

Zapata’s Flyboard Air EX™ is the next generation of advanced individual mobility. An embedded stability program uses vectored thrust from six small turbine engines to create an intuitive, responsive, and imminently stable flying platform. Engineered for safety, the Flyboard Air EXP incorporates multiple redundancies to provide graceful degradation and safe landing in the event of control channel interruption or multiple engine-loss. With Zapata’s™ proprietary balance methodology, fail-safes, and patented designs, the Flyboard Air™ is superbly safe and stable in the air and can reach speeds of over 90 mph, allowing the user to fly with exceptional confidence.

You can fly around like the Green Goblin in Spiderman.

Zapata has also made a lot of water jet powered flight systems. You have a hose that sprays water out the back to keep you in the air. It is a variation on water skiing.