NASA ASAP Safety report wants more money, more delays and not boldly going anywhere

Robert Zimmerman boils the NASA Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel to key parts of a one-page summary. NASA’s current bureaucratic framework demands a risk-free space effort, more money and schedule delays. NASA is supposed to be exploring the unknown and cannot achieve a risk-free effort. If you try to eliminate all risk before you fly, you will never fly.

ASAP says that the problem with the Deep Space Gateway project to make a Moon-orbiting space station is that it does not enough money.

ASAP has been saying that Space Launch System and Orion need more money for a decade. Those programs get ten times the funds of SpaceX and commercial space. The report admits there are safety problems with both that might require further delays.

Robert Zimmerman highlighted the summary of the report which shows the recommendations for more money and more delays.