Nvidia is delivering 30 TeraFLOP AI Chip Xavier to customers

With more than 9 billion transistors, Nvidia’s Xavier is the most complex system on a chip ever created, representing the work of more than 2,000 NVIDIA engineers over a four-year period, and an investment of $2 billion in research and development.

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang revealed during his CES 2018 press event that the first samples of our Xavier processors, initially announced a little more than a year ago, are being delivered to customers this quarter.

It’s built around a custom 8-core CPU, a new 512-core Volta GPU, a new deep learning accelerator, new computer vision accelerators and new 8K HDR video processors. And with our unified architecture, all previous NVIDIA DRIVE software development carries over and runs.

While the technical details are complex, the story is simple: DRIVE Xavier puts more processing power to work using less energy, delivering 30 trillion operations per second while consuming just 30 watts. It’s 15 times more energy efficient than our previous generation architecture.

Xavier will bring an increasingly sophisticated suite of capabilities to next-generation vehicles. Complementing our original NVIDIA DRIVE AV autonomous vehicle platform, which uses neural networks to let cars drive themselves, we’ve unveiled at CES two new software platforms: DRIVE IX and DRIVE AR.

DRIVE IX, our intelligent experience software development kit, will enable AI assistants for both drivers and passengers, using sensors inside and outside the car.